What is AromaPartners?


We help other companies and brands in to create perfume products – including Parfum, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, body mists, aftershaves. All in all we support the production of private labels. We can call it the contract production. We have a manufacturing plant, know-how and constantly growing portfolio of Clients. In manufacturing plant in Żółwin we implemented the GMP (Good Manufactiuring Pracitce) system, according to PN EN 22716:2009 norm in selected ranges. Document confirming: here. We cooperate  with honest companies that perform the tests and safety assessment.


We are Partners. Each project is  exciting to us – at the end Client decides to trust us. He has analysed the offer and he has chosen us – that means a lot. That is why we engage in every project. We pick up phones, reply to mails and put the effort to make the Client feel has our support on all stages of the cooperation. This approach is in our view not only professional, profitable or esthetical but the only proper one.


We are Partners and we engage into projects.
This approach is the only proper one.


AromaPartners is the part of company City Cosmetics sp. z o. o.


AromaPartners is a brand of services in area of production of private labels on Client’s request.


We specialize in perfumery products like perfumes, toilette waters, body mists or afteshaves.


Good quality of services, professional  factory, Implemented GMP? Of course. Without it, we would have not been able to produce. We do care to add one factor to it:


In factory of cosmetics in Żółwin we implemented the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) system

according to PN EN 22716:2009 norm in selected ranges.
See the confirmation document: here.

About City Cosmetics


City Cosmetics sp. z o.o. is a polish family business. It bases on CTP sp. z o.o company founded in 1994, so experience and know-how have been tested in business realities for long time.


City Cosmetics is based on two pillars of operation: manufacturing and selling of cosmetics signed by their own brands and contract production for other companies (private label manufacturing).


City Cosmetics offers toilet waters signed by brands Homme Collection and Classic Collection and shower gels under the brand of VitaeSPA.


Second pillar of operation focuses on private label manufacturing – this is where AromaPartners steps in.


City Cosmetics produces cosmetics in factory in Żółwin, near Warsaw. It implemented the GMP system. City Cosmetics aims for the best balance between the quality of the product and the affordable price.


We have been awarded the title of Forbes Diamond 2022.


AromaPartners is a part of City Cosmetics.

City Cosmetics aims for the best balance beetween the quality of the product and the affordable price.

You can find more information about City Cosmetics on www.city-cosmetics.pl