Our experience with private labels tells us that many preliminary questions that our Clients ask are related to similar matters. No wonder – these are important matters which can serve as base for undertaking proper project related decisions.

Other questions presented below, even if sometimes not asked, surely are in minds of managers, specialists, owners of firms and private label brands or people who have business plans for perfumes under their own name brand. Others we present by ourselves as we believe that knowledge in the answers will be helpful in understanding important matters appearing in the private label perfume products topic.

Below we present the most frequently asked questions. If we have not covered any of your doubts – please contact us (use the contact form or call us: +48 606 200 582)

Questions presented below are not a legal advice and should not be treated as such. They are general answers. Project capabilities may differ for each project. Similarly agreements with individual suppliers may have impact on final agreements. Each project is different, therefore it should be treated as such. In spite of the fact that answers relate to general matters, they should be treated as answers to projects managed by AromaPartners. We do not guarantee, that they are answers to projects not managed by AromaPartners.



Minimum order quantities (MOQ) and price
Generally the minimum is 1000 pieces of each kind. However, this may be affected by logistics minimum suggested by suppliers. For example: if we were to order 3000 bottles but only 1000 would be used – then the production surplus emerges.
Usually they will be added to cost of single product or will be invoiced separately. They will be available to use in other your projects. After the production they will be stored in our storage house or they will be sent to you.
We will help you in this matter. We will give you a hint what quantities will be perfecr for the purpose of price optimization.Please remember, that each component (bottle, cap, fragrance) have individual MOQ which not depend on us (we can, however, negotiate with suppliers).
Yes. First of all, adjustment to production surplus is essential. Moreover, the economy of scale matters too (less time needed to machines setup, sometimes cheaper components, faster production). All in all – the bigger the production – the better price can be offered by us. Also suppliers will be more eager to provide discounts.
Practically on every functional part and choice. Each cap or bottle can have different price. We can either choose not to apply some feature or extra elements like collar? Further we choose fragrance and sustainability which affect the price as well. All in all – everything has the influence. Do not worry though – we will help you with price optimization, so chosen options will fit your budget and fulfil your expectations.
Fragrance – choise of scent and durability
There are many options. We will show you the list of fragrances, which we use usually in our products. We will also present the list of other fragrances available by our suppliers. On the other hand you just can ask for a specific scent and we will try to acquire it.
Depending on the supplier – nowadays we use fragrances suggested by suppliers from France (especially Grasse), Great Britain and Switzerland.
There is such optiony, but because of large quantities which have to be ordered, it is not always worth it. However, if you describe the fragrance – we will try to suggest one of the fragrance already made by perfume creators. So what shall it be like? Sweet, bitter? Should it create the impression of seashore and beach in hot days? Or maybe it should emphasize elegance and mysteriousness? Let us know and we will find the solution.
There are three factors:
1. Essence percentage. The bigger the percentage concentration of perfume essence iIn the product, the longer it will last on the skin
2. Quality of the fragrance. The quality of scents differ. Sometimes one fragrance has better quality (usually it depends on the price, however, not always). Then having the same percentage of essence – the durability will be higher. And analogically the other way round. Sometimes it is worth to invest in the fragrance of better quality and use smaller percentage concentration.
3. The character of scent. One scent is by default more intense, another is more delicate. It is worth to remember that this may have huge influence. Components that were used to compose a fragrance also have the influence on the character of the scent.
Characteristics of the product and legal information
We generally describe all types of perfume products as perfumes. However, each of each products will respectively called as: perfume, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum etc. It depends on the used perfum essence concentration.
Of course. Product can be signed with your logo/brand. Product is yours, we just help creating it.
There will be information on the box only about so called Responsible Person (it can be the party responsible – a legal or natural person). So basically it will your company. There will be placed no information about us. However, this may change, if the regulations in the country in which the product will be introduced force us to provide the information about who manufactured the product. There is no such regulation in EU nowadays.
Those informations specify certain legislative and legal documents (mostly the cosmetic products regulation). We will provide you with full information when designing the product. We will make sure all goes well.

If the product meets the legal requirements (and we do care and make sure it does), it will be vital to have proper documents and to put the product into CPNP (Cosmetic Product Notification Portal). We will provide you with full details when designing the product.

It will depend on the country in which the product is going to be sold. This matter will be discussed individually.
Yes, we have introduced the GMP system, according to PN EN 22716:2009 norm in selected ranges. Take a look at the document: here.
Product personalization and choice of components (bottle, cap, box etc.)
At the beginning we will suggest you the components from polish suppliers. Optionally we will present foreign companies offer. There are many options.
There is such option in case of both bottle and a cap. It applies to various other components. It is worth mentioning, that because of large investments, this is not common. However, a unique product can be manufactured even if it is based on already available components (more in next questions).
Through prints – matt or shiny (using silkscreen or hot-stamping), ink jet, bottle coating (gloss colours, matt colours, water paints, half-transparent painting, gradient), frost effect, convex painting, embroidering with extra elements and detal application or even metallization or flocking. You can also use labels, where personalisation options are available too. There are numerous personalisation options. Using imagination, bottle can be changed beyond recognition.
Depending on the cap choice – you can personalise cap too – by painting, coating, metallization. You can also use wooden cap with the bespoke shape.

You can personalise both the box and the stiffening insert choosing it’s colour. In case of the box you can choose the shape and material. Shall it shine? Shall it be soft (soft-touch technique, flock)? Or maybe it shall have the skin imitating structure? Maybe you fancy ecological trends? Defining the layout is surely of high importance. Today there are many options of personalisation the box and various techniques can be mixed. Create a box signed by your brand – the way you want it!

We try to not force the solutions. You can apply both printing (and other bottle decoration) and the label.
Yes they can and special dyes are being used for this purpose. The primal colour of the perfumy essence is the only limitation (i.e. the strong yellow tone can prevent us from achieving some colours), but we will do our best to satisfy your expectations.
Technical matters

It will depend on the frequency of our contact and how fast the important choices are made (among others choice of components, quantity of production, choice of options that personalise the project). If all choices are made, we will do our best to evaluate the project in next working days.

The time of components delivery is one of the major factors here (their availability in a given moment is very important). Also other matters that depend on the suppliers (i.e. the time of bottle decorating) will be significant. This can take even couple weeks. If the components are delivered to our manufacturing plant – couple more days will remain until the product is ready to pick up. Both the time of components delivery and the final production can differ from the one described here – it depends on the availability of the components, their delivery time, the project’s complexity or the ordered quantity.

Most certainly – then you choose the full project support.

Yes we do. We cooperate with talented graphic designer. The whole layout can be designed from the beginning – from logo to the whole design of the individual box.

Even if you do not have an idea for you private label perfumes, but you know that you want to start the business – you can rely upon us. We are a creative team and we will be honored to help you.

Additional questions
Of course. We can offer both reed diffusers and home sprays.
Sure. We also like the automotive industry and we believe that car perfumes are a great alternative to popular trees.
Unfortunately no. We are a private label manufacturer, but of a finished product, i.e. a perfume ready for sale. In order to purchase only perfume oils, please contact perfumery houses.