We are Partners. Each project is something exciting to us
– we do remember that Client decides to trust us.


We build relations and together we work on the success of your Product.


How does the cooperation with us looks like?

We do not complicate. We build partnership relations and together we work on the success of your Product.


We offer both full or partial private label project support.


With  full project support, we support you throughout the design and the execution process.


In case of partial project support you decide, in which areas you need our help.
Maybe you already have some components chosen? Maybe you already have fragrance needed to perfume manufacturing? Or maybe you have gathered all elements and would like us to only help you with filling and packing? So this is a perfect option for you!

Full perfume private label project support

Contact us

We will go through the next steps together.

Choose the bottle

Large selection of assortment from polish and abroad glassworks.

Bottle decoration

Trust your imagination and create unique product.

Choose cap and additional elements

 Will you choose harmony or contrast? Distinguish your product.

Choose fragrance and essence concentration

Fragrance – how should it smell? How long should it last on the skin?

Individual box and graphics

Choose the shape of the carton box and the stiffening insert. Then we can focus on graphics. We cooperate with talented graphic designers to make your product eye catching!

Documentation of cosmetic product

We liaise with renowned companies in terms of documentation and cosmetics product tests. You can trust us.

Contract manufacturing

According to the project agreements – we will move in with the production. Soon your private label perfumes will be ready!

Product ready for pickup

You will be informed when your perfumes are ready – vellopphane wrapped, packed in collecting boxes . Goods can be collected by you or it can be shipped by us.

Let’s be in touch

We have finished the first order… but still we are here for you! Ask questions, tell us about new projects.. Maybe soon we will start production again?

Partial project support

In case of partial project care we can support you in matters as listed below


Price evaluation

Do you have a ready product and you need competitive price evaluation? Or maybe your product is already on the market, but you think that it could have been produced at lower cost? We will do our best to optimize the price.



You already have or order all components and you are looking for company which will be able to fill the perfume bottles and create a ready product from the components? We are eager to help!



Product is ready but it lacks of what catches the Client’s eye – an esthetical box? We will help. We will pack and foil  your product. After that we will put it in the collecting boxes. Now the product is ready to sell.


Cellophane wrapping

You can separately order the cellophane wrapping of your product. Cellopphane wrapped product products have professional look and provide a guarantee to the Client that the product has never been used before.

Are you require support in matters not mentioned above?
You can mail us using contact form or call us at +48 606 200.

We will do our best to match your expectations.

Check what we can do for you. Make yourself familiar with the Offer.

Partial project support is a perfect option if you need the price evaluation of project or ready product – even if the product is already on the market. We hope that we will be competitive!

Private label perfumes – learn about key components. 
What are the key elements when designing the perfume product? Take a look below.


Bottle is being filled with perfuMarka własna perfum – AromaPartners | Pe…me liquid. However, the bottle is one of the key elements when it comes to visual effectiveness.

Bottle decoration, painting or inscription. Or maybe a label?

You can choose between classic inscription, a label or other various applications. When our suppliers and companies specializing in bottle decorating present their techniques and solutions to us, we are impressed how much the bottle appearance can change. We strongly believe that you will be impressed too!

Perfume liquid

The most important part of the perfumery product. You can choose between one of the fragrances we suggest or you can compose your own. You can decide what essence concentration the product will have. It will classify your product (aftershave, Eau de Toillete, Eau de Parfum, Parfum) and will have an influence on time the scent will last on your skin. Liquid can be colored which can influence the appearance of the product.


If it suits well, it can highly distinguish your Product. Caps are made from various materials and can be in various shapes. Sometimes caps can be decored. This is the area with big influence on customization of your product.


An essential element that makes the perfumes usable by the Client. Various options available, i.e. bulb pump.


Collar is the decorative element, which hides pump’s crimp. Various shapes, materials and colors are possible. Well suited collar can significantly influence on the looks of the product, making it more eye catching.

Sticker underneath the bottle

Used very often in perfumery products. It contains basic information about the product and about the party responsible for the product called Responsible Person.

Individual box

You can define the shape. You can design the graphics or coordinate our graphic designer’s work. Box not only catches the eye, but it can highly influence the impression about your perfumes. Similarly to bottle decoration – there are plenty of possibilities. You can choose the decorating methods (i.e. velvet papier, shiny paper, embossings) and other visual and touch sensitive effects.

Stiffening insert

Commonly used in perfume products to harden the box and stabilize the bottle. It can, however enhance the visual effect too – the insert can be chosen in various colours and materials.


Final component. Cellopphane wrapped product is practically ready to sell.

Remember that you can opt out of some of the items or apply additional ones that we did not listed above. You can buy components from us, but you can also provide them by yourself.

In our cosmetics factory in Żółwin we implemented the Good Manufacturing Practice system

according to PN EN 22716:2009 norm in selected ranges.
See the confirmation here