The AromaPartners. eu website automatically collects and uses the data contained in the cookie files during browsing the main home page and its subpages by the user.


Please learn about our cookie files policy:


What are cookie files?

Cookie files are information data saved on the device of website user by visiting the website. Often they contain information such as: website address, unique number, date of expiry and the date of saving (attaching).


Why we use cookie files?

Cookie files facilitate the user using the resources of particular website. They improve functionality of the website and allow administrator to collect data of website statistics.
Cookie files allow us to analyze viewership and move on the website

We also use external cookies to create anonymous statistics by using analytic tool Google Analytics which helps us to optimize the website properly and improve its functionality.


Who is the administrator of cookies collected while browsing the website by the user?

The administrator of cookie files collected during browsing the main home page and its subpages by the user and the owner of website is:

City Cosmetics sp. z o. o.
ul. Krasnowolska 30D
02-849 Warszawa

Tax ID:

National Court Register Number:

Business Registration Number:


How cookie files work?

Usually, cookie files contain the name of website from which they are coming, unique number and also the time of their keeping on the terminal/device of user.

Cookie files allow recognizing the device of user and viewing the website properly – fit it to the preferences of the user. Because of these files we can optimize the website correctly – to be clear and functional.

The data retained by the usage of cookie files can be collected only to perform specified functions in favor of the user.


Which cookie files do we use?

– session cookie – they are deleted after finishing the browser session of the website user
– persistent – after finishing the browser session they remain on the device of the user until their deletion
– external – they are installed by external persons (through us) and read by the ICT systems of external persons

We keep and use the data such as: identity number of the session, information about recognized device of the user, settings and preferences of the user which are saved, information about visiting the website (and traffic sources), geographic and demographic data, language preferences and information about behavior and actions of the user on the website (and on the subpages).


Those data does not make identifying the user’s identity possible.


Ability to determine the conditions of storage or access the cookies:

Anytime and independently with settings of web browser or with configuration of the service, the user can change settings concerning cookie files by stipulating the terms of their keeping and reaching the access by these files to the device.

Subject settings can be changed in particular by blocking automatic service of cookie files in the settings of web browser or by implementing the necessity of informing about every insertion of cookie files on the user’s device.
Then, the user can deactivate anytime the option of receiving cookie files in the browser.

Detailed information regarding the ways and possibilities of the service of cookie files are available in the settings of web browser. Software which is used for browsing websites enables inserting cookie files on user’s device by default.
However, these settings can be changed in such a way that the service of cookie files is blocked or limited. The user can also stipulate the terms of keeping these files and delete cookie files which were saved on the device.